Polo Formativo


Nearest hotels

Hotel Caravel (47m, 1 min walk)
Via Cristoforo Colombo 124
00147 Rome, Italy

Residence Colombo (workshop venue access from the hotel)
Via Cristoforo Colombo, 112
00147 ROMA
(apartments are available, so students can split the cost)

You can receive a discount for the above hotels when asking for the New Master special price.


We have personally had great success with staying in AirBnB accommodation in different locations. This could be a great alternative to explore, either for yourself or as a group with other students. We’ll be happy to assist as needed.

Noteworthy activities

  • THE BATHS OF CARACALLA (3 bus stops)

  • BASILICA OF SAINT PAUL (10mins by bus)

  • THE APPIAN WAY (within walking distance)

  • EUR DISTRICT (architectural district)

  • CIRCO MASSIMO (10mins by bus)

Via Cristoforo Colombo, 116
00147, Roma

For our second workshop of the European Pointed Pen Collective, we will be hosting our students in Rome at the Polo Formativo di Roma.

With its focus on education and innovation, this training centre is in the heart of Rome, a prestigious location that will afford our students the chance to not only experience an amazing pointed pen workshop, but also the amazing sites that this historic city has to offer.

We are excited to bring together students from near and far to learn something entirely unique at Polo Formativo. It will no doubt provide a lifetime of memories and learning for your calligraphic studies.