The European Pointed Pen Collective
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The European Pointed Pen Collective
Learn Pointed Pen in the UK, Europe and beyond

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Bring your calligraphy to life with the European Pointed Pen Collective


From John Seddon (1695) to George Bickham (1740) to the present day — pointed pen calligraphy has been admired for its elegance and practiced for both its beauty and practicality by many enthusiasts.

The Pointed Pen Collective gives pointed pen artists in the UK, Europe and beyond the opportunity to study with talented teachers from around the world.

We bring exceptionally talented calligraphers to teach the art of pointed pen calligraphy. From mastering the swells and turns of copperplate to gaining confidence in your flourishing, we’ll provide teachers who can take your skills further. We look forward to bringing you a host of exciting events.


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