Who we are

Calligraphers Cecilia Boschi and Kate Watson are focusing their shared love of pointed pen calligraphy on creating unique, specific workshops for other pointed pen artists in the UK and Europe.

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Cecilia Boschi

Cecilia lives in Italy; she graduated in foreign languages but has always held a special interest for visual arts. She started her calligraphy journey in 2013 specifically developing her eye for pointed pen styles. She has been a member of The International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting (IAMPETH) for several years and was awarded the IAMPETH Certificate of Proficiency in Engrossers (part of the new Master Penman Program) in April 2018 . She is the founder at CeciliaB Calligraphy offering her clients wedding and event calligraphy.

Find Cecilia online at Cecilia B Calligraphy and Instagram

Kate Watson

Originally from Australia, Kate has lived in London since 2011. Starting calligraphy in 2014, she has worked on wild and wonderfully varied projects in both formal copperplate script and modern calligraphy. Clients include Cartier, Tiffany & Co., BBC, and Guy Ritchie, as well as private commissions for weddings, anniversaries, births and more. Kate is a member of IAMPETH and was on the South London Lettering Association’s committee for two years as webmaster.

Find Kate online at Olive & Reid Studio and Instagram.

We’d like to also acknowledge our co-founder, Christina Janoszka, for her work in helping to set up the collective with us and host our first workshop, Seastsones with Maria Helena Hoksch in 2019.