Learn Seastones Script


add life to your copperplate calligraphy with Maria Helena Hoksch

May 18-19, 2019 | Fulham Palace, London

After practicing formal copperplate for a long time, it may leave you craving for a script a bit more free, less measured, expressive...more in tune with this century. For that, we will turn to nature. Specifically, to the graceful oval forms found on seashore, polished by waves.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Seastones weekend workshop with Maria Helena Hoksch.

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About the workshop

Fulham Palace Education Centre, London
Sat 18th - Sun 19th May 2019: 9.30am - 4pm

We will create a lovely, even somewhat romantic version of copperplate. It will not be rigid, but energetic and flowing. We will learn to add ovals to capitals, then to create words with subtle flourishes, lines of words somewhat intertwined, and eventually eye-pleasing text. This class will be an ideal start for students who want to move on to more complicated flourishing of letters, words and lines.

However, we will still follow basic rules and strive for legibility. Our workshop will be pulled together by simple philosophy about spacing, rhythm, repetition, pattern, and most of all, by contemporary understanding of human beauty versus “perfect” computer creations.




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Exclusive offer for London Seastones students

Students registered for the Seastones workshop will be given an exclusive 25+ page booklet of Maria Helena’s beautiful Seastones script. The booklet contains the following unique guidance for this wonderful script:

  • how to draw a perfect oval, on a hairline

  • what turns regular Copperplate into Seastones script

  • many different versions of capitals: simple and complicated

  • how to create capitals that perfectly accommodate the subsequent minuscule words

  • different versions of ascenders and descenders, and line endings

  • different ways of forming a letter depending on where it falls: beginning, middle or end of word, line, or paragraph

  • fragments of Maria Helena’s actual artwork so workshop participants can analyse and even trace how spaces and letters are combined

  • many sheets of guidelines made especially for creating various versions of Seastones script.

Maria Helena’s booklet cannot be bought online and is strictly for students registered only on the London workshop. The contents of this booklet are strictly copyrighted to Maria Helena and cannot be shared or reproduced without her permission. It is an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to keep momentum with learning the script beyond the workshop.


About Maria Helena Hoksch

Maria Helena's calligraphic journey spans nearly four decades and two continents. She started her lettering studies in her native Estonia, in high school. She went on to study an exclusive three year course founded by the world renowned penman, the late Villu Toots. After gaining a degree in World Literature and History of Books, Maria Helena was employed as an artist-designer involved in various cultural events. She was also a contributor to a number of publications, writing about art.

Following her move to the US more than two decades ago, to join her American husband, Maria Helena started her own calligraphy studio in tradition-rich New Orleans. Her days are now mostly spent with exclusive southern clientele with the most discerning tastes. Maria Helena has provided the calligraphy and design for weddings, Mardi-gras balls, debutante parties as well as teaching some private students. Her portfolio covers invitation and certificate design, engrossing, special commissions, and plain old large scale envelope addressing.

Along with her busy studio career, Maria Helena has kept on studying calligraphy throughout her life. She is able to claim some of the most renowned calligraphers in the world today as her long time teachers and mentors, some for over a decade – Sheila Walters, Michael Sull, Reggie Ezell amongst others.

Maria Helena is equally comfortable working with the pointed pen and the broad edge pen. She trained to become a Master Penman at IAMPETH until the program was cancelled in 2015. During this period of intense study and research at IAMPETH, it was also suggested that Maria Helena should teach. In response to this suggestion, Maria Helena developed her Seastones class, which has been extremely popular with students at the IAMPETH conference and other venues.


About the venue

Fulham Palace is a most stunning setting located in London’s south west on the River Thames.

For those who aren’t local to the area, we have also listed hotels and transport information to help you organise a fantastic stay in the capital.

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We are very excited to welcome Maria Helena to the UK, and look forward to an inspiring weekend workshop in the beautiful restored stables at Fulham Palace.

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See you soon!

Christina, Cecilia and Kate


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If you need to cancel your place in the workshop, we will refund 50% of the ticket price if the date of cancellation is more than a month from the workshop date (April 18, 2019). Unfortunately, if you cancel after this date, we cannot issue a refund.

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