The Festive Flourish in Rome


Unleash the magic of pointed pen flourishing with heather victoria held

2-day workshop

October 26-27, 2019 | Rome

The Festive Flourish 2-day weekend workshop takes an exciting look at the magical skill of offhand flourishing.

At first glance, offhand flourishing can look overly complicated and confusing but once you see the underlying structure of compound curves, these ornate flourishes can be structured to suit any design need.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Festive Flourish workshop with Heather Held.

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About the workshop

Polo Formativo di Roma, 10am - 6pm

The holiday season is a time when ornamentation rules the day. We delight in being surrounded by poinsettias, holly boughs, glittery wrapping paper, evergreen trees and mistletoe. Whether you want to add a special touch of delight to an envelope or card, enhance your calligraphic work, or create unique stand-alone designs that are suitable for framing, this class will give you the skills to pursue endless festive ideas. 

You will not be limited to festive designs, but we use the season to springboard our ideas.  Throughout this workshop, we will explore the basics of offhand flourishing and the skills that make the designs intuitive rather than pre-planned. With the knowledge of a few basic rules and strategies, you will be able to create stunning designs that are unique and one of a kind.  

Bring a sense of play and imagination as we work on refining our skills.

Happy Flourishing!!!!



Beginner, familiar with the pointed pen.


The EPPC will supply liquid inks, Bleedproof White and gum arabic to share with students. We appreciate that we have students travelling from all over to attend our workshops, some of whom may be restricted by airline liquid guidelines. You should not have any trouble transporting paints such as Finetec or gouache.

Pen Holder — straight or oblique

Flourishing can be done with either a straight or oblique pen holder. Left handed students may find a straight holder easier to use. I will be using a straight holder exclusively.

Pointed pen nibs: bring your favourites

  • Beginners: If you are new to pointed pen, try a Zebra G, Hunt 22 or Gillott 404.

  • Experienced: More experienced pointed pen artists may want a Leonardt EF Principal, Hunt 101 or Brause 66 EF.


  • McCaffery Black or Old World Iron Gall Ink

  • Dr. Martin’s Bleedproof White for working on dark paper

  • Avoid sumi inks.

Cookie cutter: bring your favourite holiday shaped cookie cutter. Any size! 

White chalk pencil or Plumber’s soapstone pencil

This is optional, but it is easier to erase a white chalk line than pencil on dark paper. Fons and Porter make a mechanical quilting pencil, which is interchangeable with something like the Sewline White Fabric Pencil (

Practice paper

Rhodia blank or gridded (available from Scribblers or If you can easily source Maraman Imagination locally, this paper is highly recommended, especially the gridded version for its lighter grid.

Project paper

Cardstock in a variety of your favourite holiday colours cut to A5 size. We will be working mainly on dark backgrounds, but pastel effects look best on light backgrounds. I would bring a few ivory pieces as well as your darker colours.

Supplies for adding colour

Coloured Pencils

A few colours suitable for florals and foliage. Any brand will work. If time allows in the 2-day workshop, you may want to try watercolour pencil or watercolour. This is completely optional. If you bring any watercolour material, you will need small brushes and a water dish to apply the colour.

Supplies to create special effects

I use the following supplies extensively for adding depth, colour and a hint of sparkle to my designs especially on envelopes and cards.  

Hot Foil Pen, Sakura Stardust Gelly Roll Pen, Swarovski Hot Fix Crystals with applicator tool, Finetec Metallic Watercolours, Soft Pastels such as Dianne Townsend or Sennelier, Holbein Brilliant Gold Metallic Gouache.

These Special effect supplies are optional but are fun to have with you at this workshop. If you have other favourites for adding sparkle and interest, please bring them along.


Paper towels, toothpaste and cotton buds for nib cleaning and pastel application, a few sheets of newspaper to act as a cushion, pencil, ruler, clean kneaded or white vinyl eraser, pen and note taking supplies, eye dropper or pipette, two small water dishes, 2 inexpensive mixing brushes for applying metallics and bleedproof white.



About Heather Held

Heather Victoria Held is a Canadian freelance-lettering artist who operates The Victorian Pen studio in St. George, Ontario. She has studied extensively with Master Penman Michael Sull and Master Penman Brian Walker. In 2009 she was the recipient of the Spencerian Heritage Award given through Michael Sull at the Spencerian Saga.

She was a long time member of Master Penman Brian Walker’s Spencerian Review Study Group, CLAS, The Copperplate Special Interest Group, and a faculty member of several International Calligraphy Conferences.  

During 2013-2014 she served as the President of IAMPETH and continues to support IAMPETH on the Board of Directors as an advisor and as an instructor for the conferences. Her teaching style is gentle and encouraging while helping students to achieve the next level in their skill sets.

Her work in promoting handwriting skills has attracted television, magazine and radio coverage in Canada. She conducts intensive workshops in Offhand Flourishing, Decorative Lettering and Ornamental Penmanship world-wide.

Her art work is in private collections around the world and has been featured in Pen World, Bound and Lettered, Calligrafia, Somerset Studio, Romantic Homes, The Penman’s Journal, The Spencerian Review, 1000 Handmade Cards. The Speedball Textbook, The Copperplate Manual and Good Mail Day. She and her husband Chris create hand dyed or painted Held Pens, which are highly sought after and in the hands of artists throughout the world.



About the Venue

Polo Formativo di Roma is set in the heart of Rome, allowing you both a comfortable place of focus for our studies as well being near to some exceptional places of interest.

For those who aren’t local to the area, we have listed hotels to help you organise a fantastic stay in the capital.

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Cecilia and Kate


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